Python Backend Developer @multidialogo

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Following pages contain our active contribution challenges for the Python backend web developer position. Pick up one of the contribution challenges, and start contributing to the relative repository.

Almost every challenge consists in delivering a working feature pull request to one of the milestones currently opened on our projects.

Any project has a contribution guideline that must be respect in order to contribute.

Challenges by project

We maintain different projects. Any challenge has been thought as a contribution Milestone on the github repository.

Here follow a list of active projects and relative milestones.

Team building platform

The team building platform is our internal software we use to organize activities between colleagues, it’s open source and we are glad to share it to the community in order to improve it and share the fun.

Please READ the documentation and in particular contributing guidelines BEFORE, you start! If you have any questions, feel free to ask us at

Active milestones

Previous milestones