Multidialogo is a service company based in Italy.

We offer a suite of web based services dealing with multichannel messaging (postal, email, certfied email, fax, sms, Multicerta), in critical context where the communication and its feedback need to be promptly guaranted to the sender with legal value compliance.

We also provide a distribute service, Multifatture, for the dispatch, receipt and store electronic invoices to integrate with the italian revenue agency (Agenzia delle Entrate), and some facilities for the management of tax withholdings: Multicaf.

Open source projects

We love community and also to share our code through open source side projects.

We are hiring!

In Multidialogo we are hiring software developers and other software related skills.

Only for non-entry-level positions we also offer remote working.

Open positions

Here you can find some of our open positions for the development team:

Development challenges

Join one of ours Multidialogo development challenges!

We are looking for motivated team mates to join us and so contributing to our projects on github is an exceptional way to get in contact with our development team and start knowing us and our values.

Here is our challenges list, to participate follow the instructions provided with the links:

Position Challenge Available
Devops AWS \ Docker Devops challenges page 0
Backend Python \ Django Python challenges page 4/5
Backend php \ Laravel php challenges page 4/6
Backend Java \ Spring Java challenges page 0
Frontend Javascript \ Node Frontend challenges page 0
Designer Design challenges page 0