Our team believes in strong values based on best practices and inclusiveness towards new members.

In this page we will describe which these are and why we are adopting and promoting them.


We have implemented in our daily routine almost of the Agile ceremonies what makes our work day organized and strongly communication based.

“No one told me”, “I don’t know how to do this”, “I’m stuck no one helps me”, are statements you will never hear in our team.

Daily stand-ups

We do daily morning stand-up meetings.

Every day at 09:45am CET we have our google meet appointment where we see each other, also if working in different headquarters or from home.

We have very fast and effective update briefings, were we told each other what we have done the previous day and what we are going to do today.

We also notice to the team if we have roadblocks and we need some help.

Shared knowledge

If you work as software developer, of course you know Stack Overflow (™ Stack Exchange Inc.), as the place where to ask for help or find answer to common problems.

We chosen to give a try to “Stack Overflow for teams” (™ Stack Exchange Inc.) in order to get rid of continuous and repeated question among the departments (marketing, customer care, engineering, sales…).

Fully functional local provisioning

We maintain a large number of inter-operating services and microservices. In order to make team members comfortable to work on any piece of the infrastructure we maintain a one click build copy of the whole to be available directly on our workstations, also if working from remote also including the integration test routines to ensure everything is working fine before deploying on remote environments.

Any member of the team is supposed and asked to maintain the local provisioning infrastructure clean and functional, in order to not have others caring about mechanism of services that are distal from his competency area.

Continuous integration

We like to work as much comfortable is possible. Given this why put our maximum effort in developing our services in a way that does not causes emergencies or unpredictable changes.

To achieve this goal continuous integration is the best practice we are following to drive our workflow.

As mentioned we have fully functional local provisioning for our project, unit and integration tests and least but not last standardized and maintained automatic deploy procedures strictly linked with the usage of git and git flow.

In other words any stage of software development is registered, rollback-able and the release in stage or production environment is only consequent to the merge on an “historical significant branch (usually main and develop)”.

Code review

We adopted the mechanism of pull-request and code-review in order to have the code double checked and improved collaboratively.

If you want to know more about our daily routines and work flows feel free to get in contact with us writing at the following email: site.data.companies[multidialogo].email .